First biogas hub in the Netherlands is almost there

24 February 2012

With the construction of a four-kilometre long pipeline for biogas, the Dutch village of Zeewolde will obtain the first biogas hub in the Netherlands.

Today, the construction of the biogas pipeline at the behest of dairy farm Van Beek from Zeewolde began. The biogas hub will ensure that the production of green energy at Essent's local heating plant can be more than doubled.

Van Beek has already had a 5.5 kilometre long pipeline for biogas in operation since the beginning of 2009. The pipeline was laid from the manure digester on Van Beek's farm on the Schollevaarweg to Essent's heating plant for the Polderwijk. Now, a second pipeline with be built from another manure digester. As soon as the two pipelines are connected, the Netherlands will have its first biogas hub.

24 February 2012

Production of green energy at Essent's heating plant can be more than doubled

In the neighbourhoud ‘Polderwijk’ of Zeewolde more than a thousand homes, schools and a church are sustainably heated with green heating that is produced with the production of electricity from biogas. Last year, Van Beek produced around ten million kilowatt hours of electricity from biogas. Thanks to the new pipeline, the production of green energy at Essent's heating plant can be more than doubled. Because the Polderwijk is growing to 3,000 homes, Essent can properly utilise green heating.

24 February 2012

Zeewolde project won an International District Energy Award

In past few years, many plans for biogas hubs have been publicised. Zeewolde has the scoop with the actual construction of the first biogas hub. The project in Zeewolde has also attracted much attention internationally. Last year in Paris the International District Energy Award was awarded by the Jury Chairman Veerapen of the International Energy Agency to Essent and Van Beek.

The construction of the biogas pipeline is done by contractors RTM from Oldenzaal.

Published: 24 February 2012