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Essent introduces fast charging station for smartphones and tablets

24 March 2014

In the pub at the bar, in between lessons at school, whilst shopping or waiting at the doctor's surgery. Anywhere where, if you have to wait for a while, you very soon have your smartphone in your hand. To quickly use Whatsapp, to post a photo on Facebook or to scan the news. The last thing you need at that moment is an empty battery. Essent has found a way around it. The Dutch utility company is launching a fast charging station for smartphones and tablets. A solution which enables you to quickly recharge in shops, cafés, supermarkets and other public establishments.

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Solar power station football stadium Euroborg expanded

21 August 2014

The solar power station on the roof of the Euroborg football stadium in Groningen will double in volume in the coming weeks. 561 new solar panels will be installed. That number is added to the 561 existing ones that have been generating sustainable power since February. The initiators Essent, the foundation “1 Miljoenwatt” and FC Groningen expect the new section to be ready by mid September.

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Essent Customer Service is pioneering with Whatsapp

07 July 2014

Essent’s customer service can now also be contacted through Whatsapp. Customers can put questions to staff at the utility company during office hours using this popular messaging service. Initially this is a pilot project which will last for two months. Essent is the first large company in the Netherlands to use this channel for services to customers.  

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