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Essent introduces fast charging station for smartphones and tablets

24 March 2014

In the pub at the bar, in between lessons at school, whilst shopping or waiting at the doctor's surgery. Anywhere where, if you have to wait for a while, you very soon have your smartphone in your hand. To quickly use Whatsapp, to post a photo on Facebook or to scan the news. The last thing you need at that moment is an empty battery. Essent has found a way around it. The Dutch utility company is launching a fast charging station for smartphones and tablets. A solution which enables you to quickly recharge in shops, cafés, supermarkets and other public establishments.

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Amsterdam extends the collaboration with Essent

17 April 2014

For another year Essent may install public charging points for electric vehicles in Amsterdam. The local council also renewed the contract with the Nuon/Heijmans consortium. That means that inhabitants of Amsterdam who wish to drive electric vehicles and who require on-street charging points can also go to these parties in the year ahead. By 2016, the number of public points has to have increased to 2,000.

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Young leaders in sustainability work on reducing food waste

14 April 2014

About 90 million tonnes of food is wasted in Europe annually. Rice, pasta and bread are the most likely to end in the bin. Parsia Tayebi, employee of the energy company RWE Consulting, who was crowned ‘Best Young Leader in Sustainability’ last year, intends to do something about this with 4 other young sustainability leaders. The five will search for a good idea to prevent wasting rice in China. And implement it in the Netherlands afterwards.  

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